4 August 2015

Brown garden snail - Cornu aspersum (O. F. Müller, 1774) in Slovakia

A viable population of the brown garden snail - Cornu aspersum (O. F. Müller, 1774) - was found in April 21, 2015 in central Slovakia for the first time. The species is native to the Mediterranean region (including Egypt) and western Europe, from northwest Africa and Iberia, eastwards to Asia Minor, and northwards to the British Isles.

Details of the first record. Coordinates: 48.549339°N, 19.302976°E, Vígľaš, garden centre, April 21; 2015, B. Holienková leg.

Other sites:

[2] 48.146735°N, 17.063863°E, Bratislava City, Devínska Cesta Road, narrow strip of riparian forest near Danube channel, May 2015, J. Čapka leg.

[3] 48.151298°N, 17.031429°E, Bratislava City, Devínska Cesta Road, garden centre (Agapé), August 3, 2015; J. Čapka leg.

Recent  records of Cornu aspersum in Slovakia.

Individuals of Cornu aspersum from Bratislava City, Slovakia.

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